General Information

Our School

Principal: Debbie Kojima

Enrollment: 500+

Grades: Preppy K-6

School Colors: Blue & Gold

School Mascot: Eagle

School Motto: Soaring to Success!

Office Hours: 7:15am - 4:15pm M-F


6th Grade Parents - Tuffree's Avid Information 
Parents! Action Required! Take a Look!


District Policy


Notice of Non Discrimination


District Policy on Discrimination, Bullying, Sexual Harassment, Intimindation and Bullying


PYLUSD Website: Non-Discrimination Statement and Notice

Reporting Absences

If Your Child is Absent From School . . .
Please Call the Office!


  1. Call in EACH DAY your child will not be in school 714-986-7270, PRESS 3.
  2. State your CHILD’S NAME, GRADE, TEACHER, 
    YOUR RELATIONSHIP TO THE CHILD, and REASON FOR ABSENCE. (Please be specific, such as flu, cold, fever.)
  3. Voicemail is available 24 hours a day for your convenience. 
    For student safety and attendance purposes, 
    please call before 7:50 a.m. on the day of absence.
  4. If your child will be out of town or on an extended absence, notify the school of the exact dates the child will be absent AHEAD of time. Independent Study is available for students that are absent five or more days in a row.


Thank you for your cooperation.

Remembering to call is VERY HELPFUL!